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Supplying material for the Hamilton Model 21 marine chronometer, Model 22 deck watch, and military 16 size watches Model 23,  2992B, 4992B, 2974B, as well as some 950B and 992B material.

We are the largest supply house for Hamilton Military material.    The majority of our material is from the original Hamilton Watch Co. inventory which was purchased in 1980 when Hamilton ceased production.

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Hamilton Model 4992B Master Navigation Watch Parts

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The Hairspring and Balance Wheel Assembly of the HAMILTON MARINE CHRONOMETER

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Hamilton Watch Company


Model 21, 85 Size, Ship's Chronometer

Maintenance Parts Catalog

The purpose of this Maintenance Parts Catalog is to make easy the ordering of parts which may

be required for the Hamilton 85-Size Ship's Chronometer.    Find the part you need in the Figures

below and using the Part Index Number, refer to the associated Group Assembly Parts List to find

the Part Name and Hamilton Part Number.  Order using both Hamilton Part Number and Part Name.

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Figure 106                                                       Figure 107

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Figure 108

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Figure 109

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Figure 110

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