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Hamilton Military Parts

Supplying material for the Hamilton Model 21 marine chronometer, Model 22 deck watch, and military 16 size watches Model 23,  2992B, 4992B, 2974B, as well as some 950B and 992B material.

We are the largest supply house for Hamilton Military material.    The majority of our material is from the original Hamilton Watch Co. inventory which was purchased in 1980 when Hamilton ceased production.

Chronometer and Deck Watch Museum

Hamilton Watch Company Photos

Hamilton Model 21 Parts     Hamilton Model 22 Parts

Hamilton Model 4992B Master Navigation Watch Parts

Hamilton Model 2974B Comparing Watch Parts

The Hairspring and Balance Wheel Assembly of the HAMILTON MARINE CHRONOMETER

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Chronometer and Deck Watch Museum

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Hamilton Watch Company, Model 121             Elgin Watch Company, Model 600

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  Hamilton Watch Company, Size 36     Longines Watch Company, Caliber 21.29

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Lange & Sohne, Caliber 48, Luminescent & Silver Dials

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Kriegsmarine, 8 Day Clock

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     Lange, Caliber 48     Paul Buhre, Caliber 24

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